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Contacting Staff via E-Mail

All teachers have e-mail. Their email address is their first initial and last name (all one word); for example, We also encourage all parents and students to make use of this resource. In addition, teachers can contact parents more easily through Schoolloop by clicking the envelope icon next to the staff members name on this page or using Schoolloop's email options in your portal. Supplying your email address, at home or at work, facilitates parent-teacher contact.


Gray, James Principal

Assistant Principals

Fields, Shelly Assistant Principal
Hinz, Kristian Assistant Principal
Webster, Angela Assistant Principal


Conway, Mary Counselor-10th grade
Ellis, Regina Counselor-10th Grade
Gandhari, Aparna (510) 317-4098 Counselor Class of 2020
Pinkney, Donna Counselor-Special Needs
Schooler, Lisa (510) 317-4161 Counselor Class of 2021


Abueg-Igaz, M (510) 317-4000 ex.4057 Math Teacher
Allio, Kerri (510) 317-4034 ASL Teacher
Andersen, Kingsley (510) 317-4000 ex.4193 English/Yearbook Teacher
Anderson, Eric (510) 317-4000 ex.4072 PE Teacher
Apel, Michael (510) 317-4000 ex.4135 English Teacher
Baughman, j. (510) 317-4000 ex.4015 Traditional Black and White Silver Gelatin Photography, Digital and ART teacher
Beal, Kevin (510) 317-4000 ex.x4197 Social Science Teacher
Berkowitz, Kevin (510) 317-4000 ex.4091 PE Teacher
Bernard, Kris (510) 317-4000 ex.4076 PE/Sports Medicine Teacher
Boles, Nathan (510) 317-4000 English Teacher
Brown, Kai (510) 317-4000 ex.4131 Science Teacher
Calabio, Tatum (510) 317-4000 ex.4150 Special Education Teacher
Charlton, Christina (510) 915-4514 ex.4180 Teacher
Chuse, Loren French Teacher
Clark, Debbie (510) 317-4148 Science Teacher
Dela Vega, Maverick (510) 317-4000 ex.6144 Special Education Teacher
Dodson, Corry (510) 317-4065 English Teacher
Doolittle, Andy (510) 317-4000 ex.4026 Computer Teacher
Eckloff, Andrew (510) 317-4000 ex.4162 Social StudiesTeacher
Ellison, Vania (510) 317-4000 ASL Teacher
Fischer Fritzen, Jessica (510) 317-4000 ex.4123 Math Teacher
Fredin, Brian (510) 317-4000 ex.4144 Science Teacher
Fujikawa, Toshimi (510) 317-4122 Science Teacher
Gandhari, Aparna (510) 317-4098 Counselor Class of 2020
Giller, Mark (510) 317-4000 ex.4074 English Teacher
Gonzales J, Joel (510) 317-4000 ex.4016 Teacher
Grace, Tom (510) 317-4000 ex.4089 Teacher
Grangoff, William (510) 317-4000 ex.4059 Teacher
Grevious, Deidre Teacher
Gryguc, Irene (510) 317-4000 ex.4006 Teacher
Guarino, Mr. (510) 317-4000 ex.4191 Teacher
Guinee, Susan (510) 317-4000 ex.4155 Teacher
Hernandez, Rangel (510) 317-4000 ex.4030 Teacher
Im, Sokoan (510) 317-4044 ex.4044 Teacher
Ironside, Dean Teacher
Jacobs, Jill Teacher
James, Patrick (510) 317-4000 ex.4041 Teacher
Javier, Tiffany (510) 317-4000 ex.4039 Teacher
Jaw, Toby (510) 317-4092 Teacher
Johnson, Samantha (510) 317-4000 ex.4147 Teacher
Jorgensen, Jeff (510) 317-4000 ex.4146 Teacher
Kagan, Merav (510) 317-4000 ex.4120 Teacher
Kangas, Joshua Teacher
Kelder, Carrie (510) 317-4000 ex.4151 Teacher
Kennedy, Scott (510) 317-4000 ex.4134 Teacher
Kerubo, Angela (510) 317-4000 ex.4112 Teacher
Kramer, Corey (510) 317-4000 ex.4064 Teacher
Lo, Gary (510) 317-4000 ex.4172 Teacher
Lopez-Cepero, Marc Teacher
Lydon, Cynthia (510) 317-4000 ex.4088 Teacher
Mandel, Selina (510) 317-4000 ex.4173 Teacher
Mangini, Tracie (510) 317-4000 ex.4152 Teacher
Melville, Justin Teacher
Metcalf, Gerald (510) 317-4000 ex.4111 Teacher
Miyata, Vernon (510) 317-4000 ex.4170 Teacher
Mountain, Georgina (510) 317-4000 ex.4121 Teacher
Oh, Samuel (510) 317-4000 ex.4028 Teacher
Ortiz, Brian (510) 317-4000 ex.4158 Teacher
Park, Krystal Teacher
Peters, Kaedan (510) 317-4000 ex.4058 Teacher
Peterson, Courtney Teacher
Phan, Tuyet Linh (510) 317-4000 ex.4166 Teacher
Rodgers, India (510) 317-4000 ex.4038 Teacher
Rodrigues, Jennifer (510) 317-4136 Teacher/Director of Student Activities
Rosiles, Mary Teacher
Sandoval, Nicole (510) 317-4000 ex.4025 Teacher
Sangameswara, Samved (510) 317-4000 ex.4056 Teacher
Santillan, Jorja (510) 317-4000 ex.4103 Teacher
Schneider, Mark (510) 317-4042 ex.4052 Library Media Teacher
Schultz, Pat (510) 317-4000 ex.4725 Teacher
Scott, Alfrieda-Sonya Teacher
Shuguli, Nancy (510) 317-4000 ex.4141 Teacher
Simonetti, Catherine (510) 317-4000 ex.4036 Teacher
Smith, Trenton Teacher
Soares, Jodi (510) 317-4013 Teacher
Soriano Estrada, Aracely (510) 317-4000 ex.4045 Teacher
Stith, Stephanie Teacher
Sudarsanam, Minnie Teacher
Torbik, Joseph (510) 317-4000 ex.4066 Teacher
Valadez, Mona Lisa (510) 317-4000 ex.4177 Spanish Teacher
Vaughn, Jessica (510) 317-4000 ex.4032 Teacher
Vranesh, Jon Teacher
Waranoff, Andrew (510) 317-4000 ex.4167 Teacher
Zimmerman, Kay (510) 317-4000 ex.4073 Teacher


Adams, Cecelia (510) 317-6153 Career Center Specialist
Beauregard, Sandrell Staff
Cirimele, Angela Finance Tech
Erlwein, Christy Staff
Fogle, Karen Staff
Fuller, Donna (510) 317-4011 Office Manager
Landerth, Melissa Staff
Mitchell-Morton, Laura Staff
Pieraldi, Linda Registrar
Rowden, Neva Staff
Thomas, Kerri Staff