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Contacting Staff via E-Mail

All teachers have e-mail. Their email address is their first initial and last name (all one word); for example, We also encourage all parents and students to make use of this resource. In addition, teachers can contact parents more easily through Schoolloop by clicking the envelope icon next to the staff members name on this page or using Schoolloop's email options in your portal. Supplying your email address, at home or at work, facilitates parent-teacher contact.


Smith, Larry Principal

Assistant Principals

Armada, Theresa Assistant Principal
Bruner, Sterling Assistant Principal
Palau, Alex Assistant Principal


Ellis, Regina Counselor
Gandhari, Aparna Counselor
Pinkney, Donna Counselor


Abueg-Igaz, Marianne Teacher
Andersen, Kingsley Teacher
Anderson, Eric Teacher
Apel, Michael Teacher
Baughman, j. Traditional Black and White Silver Gelatin Photography, Digital and ART teacher
Beal, Kevin (510) 317-4000 ex.x4197 Teacher
Berkowitz, Kevin Teacher
Bernard, Kris Teacher
Brown, Kai Teacher
Buckley, James Teacher
Burnett, Keith Teacher
Calderon, Ms. Julie ex.4140 Teacher/English Language Coordinator
Charlton, Christina (510) 915-4514 ex.4180 Teacher
Clark, Debbie (510) 317-4148 Science Teacher
Clark, J, Jim Teacher
Delucchi, Joe Teacher
Dingillo, Diane Teacher
Eschner, Kristen Teacher
Everitt, Pat Teacher
Fredin, Brian Teacher
Fredman, Gabe (510) 317-4042 Teacher
Gonzales J, Joel Teacher
Goodman, Tim Teacher
Grace, Tom Teacher
Grevious, Deidre Teacher
Guarino, Mr. Teacher
Guinee, Susan Teacher
Humphrey, Rob (510) 317-4025 Teacher
Im, Sokoan Teacher
Ironside, Dean Teacher
Jaw, Toby (510) 317-4092 Teacher
Johnson, Samantha Teacher
Jorgensen, Jeff Teacher
Juarez, Paul Teacher
Kennedy, Scott Teacher
Kerr, Christopher Teacher
Kerubo, Angela Teacher
Kimpton, Laura Teacher
Kramer, Corey Teacher
Lacocque, Ms. Rebecca (510) 317-4124 Teacher
Lloyd, Caroline Teacher
Luders, Linda Teacher
Lydon, Cynthia Teacher
Mandel, Selina Teacher
Metcalf, Gerald Teacher
Miyata, Vernon Teacher
Moore, Elizabeth Teacher
Morris, Cheryl Teacher
Mountain, Georgina Teacher
Myatt, James Teacher
Navarrete-Davis, Rebecca Teacher
Ortiz, Brian Teacher
Ostrander, Kerry Teacher
Phillips, Alan Teacher
Pivacek, Christine (510) 317-4000 ex.4126 Teacher
Preston, Diane (510) 317-4000 ex.4163 Teacher
Rodgers, India Teacher
Rodrigues, Jennifer Teacher
Rosiles, Mary Teacher
Santillan, Jorja Teacher
Sargent, Donald Teacher
Schneider, Mark (510) 317-4042 ex.4052 Library Media Teacher
Schultz, Pat Teacher
Shuguli, Nancy Teacher
Simonetti, Catherine Teacher
Soares, Jodi (510) 317-4013 Teacher
Steinecke, Carrie Teacher
Stewart, Craig (510) 317-4142 Math Teacher
Suri, Tori Teacher
Tays, Jamy Teacher
Torbik, Joseph Teacher
Turner, Ms. (510) 317-4041 Special Ed Department Chair & Math Teacher
Valadez, Mona Lisa Spanish Teacher
Vargas, Srta. Teacher
Vinci, Lucian Teacher
Young, Pete Teacher
Zimmerman, Kay Teacher