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TWAICB Goes to Teachers 4 Social Justice 2017 Conference!

What's New

AFSC Human Rights Summit

Three juniors attended the Human Rights Summit in Washington D.C. this past summer. Click here for a write up about their experience.



Rite of Passage Class!

Here for the 2017-2018 school year! Link for more information.


Women and Men – We Are Equal.



By Sabrina Apodaca


Women are equal to men.
She is only 79% as hardworking as a man,
Not capable of ever having high authority,
Belonging in the kitchen to stay busy with pots and pans.
But, women are equal to men.
Receiving an award for academic greatness
Only to be sent home for exposure,
Wearing the same style clothing as the boy beside her whom remained with no troubles.
Labeled a “delinquent” but a 4.0 student who is confident in her body.
But, women are equal to men.
Unwanted touches to her sides, hands, waist.
She begs for help, she wants an end.
“What were you wearing?”
“Boys will be boys, just let it go!”
She tries again and again,
Only to be caught at a dead end.
It is her fault for causing attention!
But, women are equal to men.
Men who walk around at any time with no worries,
Where women are too scared
To walk down the street at dusk,
In a hoodie and sweatpants.
But, women are equal to men.
She must compete with others for the man of her dreams,
Aspire to marriage, to care for her family
Before she even knows what love means.
But, women are equal to men.
He was released from jail early because it was too traumatizing,
Too harsh,
Too dehumanizing for such a young boy.
She was left crying,
Because she
Will not
Equal to a man.
A man whose only difference is body parts.
A man who is only a human being just as she.
We live in a time where men and women are on two different worlds,
But aren’t we all just a part of one

I am a woman
And I will not be your sexual object for use.
I am a woman
And I will not cover my body because you cannot control your own.
I am a woman
And I will not cook for you.
I am a woman
And I am not only here to give birth.
I am a woman
And I will not be forced to keep a child because I was taken advantage of.
I am a woman
And I will get a government job if I please.
I will wear what makes me feel confident.
I will have control over my own body.
I will not succumb to a man’s needs.
And I will live freely and happily because
I am a woman
And I AM
To a man.


Sonoma State 2016

Sophomores in Introduction to Education visited Sonoma State University in order to get the "feel" of a college campus. We interviewed college students, learned about admission requirements, participated in a student panel, and worked on a class project to promote college in the Future Academy. See the video below!

Our video!

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Sonoma State Photos

DPA Ropes Course

DPA students engaged in a challenge day in the Santa Cruz mountains to build leadership skills and community. 

RopesCourse2016 001.jpg
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8th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day

Students in the Academy celebrated and participated in California Coastal Cleanup Day on September 17. This was our 8th year in this event, sending 70 students to the Martin Luther King, Jr, Shoreline. The students did great work and earned some community action hours!