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Welcome to TREND...

the most creative and innovative Academy on Campus!

SF Museum of Design - December, 2013

Golden Gate Bridge Walkm - November, 2013

Tech Museum Nov. '11

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TREND Academy

Our Mission

TREND - Transportation (cars, boats, trains!), Engineering (cool buildings, bridges) and Design (make it BEAUTIFUL and functional) - offers a rigorous, dynamic curriculum that prepares students for post-high school college and career opportunities.  Our shared vision is based on the following core values:

  • To integrate a technical and academic education that leads to potential careers in transportation, engineering, and design.
  • To create a learning environment that fosters respect for self and others while promoting honesty and integrity.
  • To provide programs with high expectations that develop the skills and talents of each individual as well as the skills required to work successfully as team members and leaders.

TREND Staff 2013-2014

Teachers & Staff Profiles

Ms. Johnson - Wildly enthusiastic champion of the TREND academy and teacher of the Jr/Sr Elective Principles of Engineering (POE).   Also teaches Biology. Graduate of UC San Diego where she was a varsity swimmer.  Now runs marathons for fun.

Mr. Kramer - Geology.   "I like to fish.  I like to kayak. I like to fish from my kayak".  Everything you need to know about Mr. Kramer is neatly summarized by a student created poster you can see in his picture.

Ms. Soares - AP History. Co-lead teacher guide for the TREND student-led governing body. 

Ms. Kerubo - History.  Also a co-lead teacher guide for the TREND student-led governing body. Favorite color: Brown....different shades of brown.   Quote: "Dare to go an extra mile.   It is nice to have a good attitude daily since life happens to be short."

Mr. Sargent - SpEd.  Lead for the TREND community board on the quad. “Some minds are like freight cars on a train, endowed with a certain capacity but often running empty.”  Mark Twain

Mr. Lo - Mathematics.  New to TREND this year!  “Every man is guilty for all the good he did not do.”  –Voltaire.   I also like all things Houston.  Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, and Houston Texans (I guess we know where he hails from!).

Mr. Stewart - Introduction to Engineering (IED), Sophomore TREND elective, and Geometry.  “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” Henry Ford.  Favorite color: blue, although green in its variety of shades is a close second.

Ms. Rosiles - Fundamentals of Design, Freshman TREND elective, and Art teacher.

Ms. Preston - Art. "Clay is a dirty four letter word".

Mr. Apel - English

Ms. Valadez - Spanish

Mr. Sloan - Art

Ms. Preston - Art

Ms. Mountain - Calculus

Ms. Gandhari - Counselor

Mr. Smith - Principal and chief advocate for TREND!

ACE your classes with the HW Club!

Meet with TREND's comprehensive support team and your peers to get support and complete and/or get a great start on your daily HW and prep work for quizzes and tests.  Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:20-4:30 in Room B1.

Apel, Michael
Gandhari, Aparna
Johnson, Samantha
Kerubo, Angela
Kramer, Corey
Lo, Gary
Mountain, Georgina
Preston, Diane
Rasmussen, April
Rosiles, Mary
Sargent, Donald
Sloan, John
Smith, Larry
Stewart, Craig
Math Teacher
Valadez, Mona Lisa
Spanish Teacher

TREND Academy Locker

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Bay to Bridges Oct. '10

Bay to Bridges 1 Bay to Bridges 2 Bay to Bridges 3